Random Thoughts

These are what we call "Random Thoughts," which are short snippits created by some of our leadership or members. They are based on general spiritual issues or areas that may be of help to our friends and members.



Bob Pryor - 2017


"Love is a feeling—it just is. It’s just there. Love has no time-frame. It has no constraints.

Love is just present—it just shows up;

Sometimes unexpectedly,

Sometimes unknowingly,

Sometimes unwarranted,

Sometimes unmotivated.

Love doesn’t follow the rules; in fact, it often breaks them. Love doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t often have common sense, but somehow knows what’s best for you."

Bob Pryor - 2017


"The hardest things to do in life may very well being getting out of self induced "ruts." Changing who you associate yourself with, places you frequent which really do not serve your spirit, and transitioning yourself to pursue your future endeavors without any "luggage" so to speak, is an extremely difficult process. Unlike some that I know who interpret "letting go" by refusing to talk about the past disappointments, and essentially blocking it from their minds, I think a better direction is to retain and always remember the "lessons learned" from past experiences both negative and positive, while still having the discipline to dull the emotional pain that arises from experiencing those disappointments in the first place. To me, that is true control of your life with your mind; difficult yes; achievable; absolutely!"


Patti Henry - from the TIme Tokens - 2000


"Your time is now. This is the only time you have actually. What you do with it will be the legacy you leave your family and this world. For, how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. 1440 time tokens a day: to speak up, to be fully alive, to have a cause, to have fun, to do what is right, to love, to make a difference. What is your legacy? Can you say you used your time wisely? Will your children say that about you? Will those at your funeral say that about you?"

Bob Pryor - 2017


"Our friends are threads of the tapestry of our lives. Each thread is an integral part of this tapestry, each with a uniqueness all its own. These threads are laid down at different times as your personal universe unfolds. Some threads are short, only there to fill a portion of our life that was wanting; some are long, continuing through many changes. Other threads are still unfinished as their final purpose in our life is yet to be revealed. This tapestry may take many forms, travel great distances, but it always remains connected. So we really never leave, we just change the direction of our threads to eventually reveal the final desination."






We are pleased to announce that Healing the World Fellowship is in process of transition. We will be developing both an online and physical fellowship more closely suited to the digital approach many of our followers exercise in their daily lives. Please continue to check back for more information.






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