What to expect at our "celebrations"

Healing the World will be a new kind of fellowship. We call our meetings "celebrations" as we celebrate love, peace, and each other! To fulfill our mission of love, peace, and shared values, each meeting will be somewhat varied. Most meetings will have live music, a sermon, a period of  guided meditation, and then a group discussion. Others will have special guest speakers. 

We will strive to make your experience with us something that we hope you will want to experience on a regular basis. 

You will meet new people, get to know them, discuss common values, explore differences, and hopefully make lifelong friends. Our goal in healing the world begins with understanding, respect, and love. 





We are pleased to announce that Healing the World Fellowship is in process of transition. We will be developing both an online and physical fellowship more closely suited to the digital approach many of our followers exercise in their daily lives. Please continue to check back for more information.






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