How We Treat One Another

We are an all-faith Fellowship that welcomes all! No matter what your belief, what your ethnic group is, who you love, you are welcome!


We treat each other with dignity, love, and respect in a manner we would want to be treated. WIth diversity comes different opinions of life and the world in general. We encourage discussion about these areas to optimistically learn about other people, their views and cultures.


Toward this end, we insist on cordial exchange of opinions, always keeping in mind to respect the other individuals and always keeping their well being in the forefront.


We are a group of diverse individuals uniting in the concept of acceptance, oneness, peace, and love!





We are pleased to announce that Healing the World Fellowship is in process of transition. We will be developing both an online and physical fellowship more closely suited to the digital approach many of our followers exercise in their daily lives. Please continue to check back for more information.




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