DIscussion Groups

Community Bonding Meetings

The Big Question  
"The Art of Listening"

This unique discussion group will have a dialog on a new question each session. In order to have everyone participate, the first round, each person will have 5 minutes uninterrupted to offer their view. Then we will have free form conversation regarding the topic. Special emphasis is to be placed on "listening " to the other person as we all know how to talk, but true listening is a skill that everyone should develop.

Getting to Know One Another  
"Share Your Passions"

Everyone has a passion! It could be your profession or a hobby.

We at Healing the World Fellowship are proud to have a diversified community. If you would like to share your passion with others in our community,  we would love to have you tell us about it, or show us. Please take 10 minutes to demonstrate or explain to us, what makes you smile! Please describe what it means to you and how it serves to express "the real you." Who knows, you may find other members of our group that share your interests. 

Taking Care of One Another
"What it Means to have a Community?"

This in depth discussion will cover the following aspects of building our community. We will discuss the following, including suggestions from participants:

What does it mean to you for a spiritual community to take care of one another?

Describe some of the things we can do to make this a true family for all?

What are some of the main features you look for in a spiritual community?

How Do We "Heal the World"?
The doctrine at our fellowship is "Healing the World." How is this accomplished? What can we do as a small body to heal our world from all its conflicts, hatred, fear of different people, and lack of compassion?
This group will explore in depth all of these subjects, talking about why we as humans "do the things we do," how we are motivated, and approaches to create a world of love and peace.
Living in the "Real World"
Many of us go to some type of church, spiritual center, etc. Inside the walls of these sanctuaries, life is in some cases dramatically different then in "real life."
Our lifelong challege is to take the camaraderie, the respect, the love we practice inside the wall of our sanctuary and bring them into the world community. 
So, based on above, we will talk about how each of you does this, how your teachings have impacted on you personally, and what more can be done to lead the world into a peaceful existance?




We are pleased to announce that Healing the World Fellowship is in process of transition. We will be developing both an online and physical fellowship more closely suited to the digital approach many of our followers exercise in their daily lives. Please continue to check back for more information.






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